Meet DJ Kid Kev, Nairobi's Newest King Of The Decks....

He's one of the most skilled, most sought after and most electrifying up and coming DJs in town.

At Only 27 years, DJ Kid Kev, born Kevin Karaya Itumbi, is quickly cutting a niche for himself and driving masses wild from Westlands to Thika Road, Murang'a to Kisumu.

Every night, you're bound to find Dj Kid Kev at whichever is the hottest spot of the night, head buried in his work, massive Beats by Dre headphones in head, casually clad and bobbing his head all night as he cooks up a massive musical storm that keeps revelers the dance floor for hours on end.

I first met the DJ in Nakuru at a wild outdoor party that had attracted over a thousand youths who has gathered in the Sin City for the Prinsloo 7s Rugby festival.

And for over five hours, DJ Kidkev was buried in his work, occasionally raising his head to wave at some slutty girls who couldn't stop yelling out his name, and then going back to work to churn out tune after tune after tune. Bringing the mathaf**ckin house down and lighting up a real fire.

And then I met him at several other gigs and his energy, expertise, dexterity, dedication, prowess and Playlist was as thrilling as it was exhilarating.

A master of the turn table and a total thriller at the DJ booth, DJ Kidkev is a powerhouse in himself.

Never have I seen so much dedication, so much enthusiasm, so much passion and so much tenacity in one man.

Like a Haitian typhoon, DJ Kid Kev sweeps the masses and leaves a trail of sweat and destruction behind.

He's a machine. A beast and a raging fire... And that's probably the reason why he's been picked to play on Citizen TV's sports marathon this afternoon.

Born Kevin Karaya Itumbi, DJ Kidkev is actually the younger brother of popular State House mandarin Dennis Itumbi.

But he insists he's self made and wishes to carve out his own path - find his own purpose and create his own Empire away from the assumed privileges and trappings that are associated with having a powerful brother in Government.

"I'm my own man, " Kidkev asserts." And I intend to keep charting my own path. Doing it my way. At all times, " he adds.

Ghafla had a little sit down with the revolutionary DJ at a popular eatery in Westlands.

He showed up in a souped up black Subaru whose ownership he refrains from discussing simply saying, " I've been blessed... ". And then chuckles.

Clad in a red t-shirt boldly emblazoned DJ Kidkev in gold, black sneakers, a Puma watch, silver chain and carrying along with him a brand new Ksh. 145,000 Macbook Air.

He doesn't want to eat. He just decides to sip some smoothie but insists we have to eat - and drink - on his bill.

And here's the quick questions we threw at the man. Even as he kept insisting that we take as much Jack Daniel's as we possibly could. And have some more spiced chicken.

What's your full names?

I'm Kelvin Karaya Itumbi...But I'm more known as DJ Kid Kev...

How old are you?I'm 27yrs...young

When did you start this whole DJ business?2014. But professionally ,I started after I graduated from Ikon academy. Which is a couple months ago.

Which DJ inspires you?

Alot of guys... But DJ Kid Capri (former official DJ of Jay Z) takes the day

DJ Kid Capri             Photo/The Source

Is that why you have the name 'Kid' in your Stage Name?

Hahaha. No!

You used to rap. What happened?

I still do and also sing alot but i felt I needed something more like add on what i was doing,that would go in line with music.

Have you thought of joining politics? Like your brother?

I actually have and wanted to next year, but i have alot going on like putting up my academy and stuff that consumes most of the time i'd use on ground for political purposes. Lets just say I'll make the announcement when the time is right

Does DJ'ing pay?

Today Dj'ing is like any other career the way you take/brand yourself is the way it will be. Just like any other business you may say service and delivery. Look at the likes of Creme de la Creme. Or DJ Joe. It pays hard.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a DJ?

At the moment getting your brand out there and people to believe in you as a DJ. Itumbi on may people's mind is associated with politics so getting people's ,especially Kenyans mind from that to entertainment is really a hustle.

Have your parents always supported your work?My dad always did from the beginning he used to come at the local where I used to go practice but mum ah ah.. Sahii is when she is coming to terms that times have changed and slowly accepting we as her sons can't all be the same

What next for DJ Kid Kev?Two things learn production in terms of audio production and video production which in turn will lead to opening up an academy for both Djing and audio production. Then two, start up my own event management company which will acknowledge growing talent across the country and even sponsor some to learn more in my already established academy.

Last words?

I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself through you guys who have been with me through the years. I know am not perfect but I keep trying not to be imperfect.

Favorite quote?

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. Thank you.

All the best, bruv!


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