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Kenyans fiercely react to Kiambu Women representative’s sentiments on polygamy

Interesting Times!

The Kiambu Women representative asked Kikuyu men to marry several wives so as to avoid too many street children who who had been abandoned by their parents.

Wamuchomba’s supported her statement with the fact that polygamy was allowed in the past which she said benefited the society.

She asserted that Polygamy was banned for no apparent reason. The Women Representative was of the opinion that if it will help solve the issue of children being abandoned people should revisit, delve and reinstate that way of life.


She reiterated to Kikuyu men that they marry even up to five women if they are financially capable of maintaining them instead of abandoning them and letting the kids opt for the streets where they indulge in drug abuse.

“We give birth to these children, and we do not want to own up to them. If you are a man from the Kikuyu community, and you can sustain five wives, have them and if you are a man and you are in a position to bring up as many children they do it,” Wamuchomba stated.

Following her provocative statements, Kenyans have given their views on the delicate matter. Some reactions are;

"NOOOOOO, the rich and elite like her shld stop family planning immediately and sire like wild figs, that way population will increase!!

Where wil men gt the energy to service 2 or 3 women with this kind of economy?


It's better to have a co-wife who you know than sponsees who are anonymously enjoying full benefits of a wife, mostly wasting and blowing your family fortune.

Solving street children menace with polygamy is like printing money to solve poverty...Kiambu people should have their leaders chosen for them from now on...(msinitukane sana)

Remember two wives are two pots of poison --Kikuyu proverb

Thats madness of the highest degree . with this economy.....??? Not at this time of President Uhuru Kenyatta"


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