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Millions of shillings raised for Achieng Abura’s ailing son within few days

The late Achieng Abura died while she was trying to raise money for her son to seek medical help in the UK. Kenyans have contributed generously towards the initiative started by the fallen Afro-Jazz singer.

In an interview with Business Daily, Acheing Abura disclosed she was trying to raise Kes 4 million to have her son, Prince Abura, travel to the UK for medical treatment.

“My son is 23. We discovered that he had a heart condition five years ago and so we’ve been treating that along with the sickle cell anaemia. He’s a clever boy, he got scholarships. He was supposed to have started last year in April, but just before that he was in ICU for over a month. But now doctors want to strengthen his heart. They can. ..Yes, only it’s in the UK. And we have to airlift him, which costs like Sh12 million and crazy things like that. The alternative is to have a doctor, a nurse, myself and him on business class for Sh4 million. So we are trying to raise Sh4 million." Achieng Abura disclosed.

The legendry songbird also revealed her efforts to raise the cash was unsuccessful since her friends failed to help her.


Well, Kenyans haven’t deserted Acheing; they have responded with generous contributions towards the fundraising drive she established for her son.

Before she passed on, Acheing had set up an online fund on M-Changa to raise money for a sickly Prince Abura.

Just after she died and Kenyans learnt of the awkward situation her son was left in, well-wishers quickly responded by donating money towards the kitty.

So far over 3 million shillings has been raised; 4 million is the amount required to have Prince Abura flown to the UK for treatment.

Meanwhile Kenyans have also been contributing towards the funeral of the fallen songstress; a major fundraiser will be held on October 27. You can contribute towards the same by sending your contribution to Mpesa No: 0722803758 (Lynette Abura)


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