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Get used to it - Tanasha after being criticized over ‘indecent’ dressing

 Since she went public with her relationship with Diamond Platnumz NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna has come under heavy criticism.

Tanasha and Diamond (Instagram)

A situation that often happens when a new lady dates Diamond Platnumz as the same situation was witnessed with Zari Hassan before his fans warmed up to her.

From sickening body shaming to unsolicited advice on how to run her relationship, Tanasha has seen it all. The critics are not yet done because they are now bashing her over what they call her incident dressing.

Thankfully in the few weeks she has been dating Diamond, she has developed a thick skin and had some rapid replies for her critics.


When a fan said that a Muslim man like Diamond cannot marry her due to her dress code, Tanasha replied with “You’ll be surprised my friend.”

In a separate comment, another fan asked her why she has refused to wear clothes and Miss Donna was quick to reply that fans should get used to her mode of dressing. “Mtazoea tu (You'll get used to it),” she replied.


Addressing Critics

When fans recently warned her that Diamond will cheat on her, Tanasha passionately defended her husband to be in a number of posts.

“This is the last time I will address you hating ass pathetic critics. LAST TIME! All thanks to God, I’m about to spend the rest of my life with the kindest most amazing soul I’ve ever met…One who treats me like a queen. Sometimes I even wonder if I even deserve him. Your comments of “utaachwa” “he’s a player” this that really doesn't affect me cause ya’ll don’t know him like I do. And those who think they do have not the slightest clue. Tell me which single man on this planet is not a womanizer? Idiots! WENYE WIVU WAJINYONGE. I will NOT be addressing this NONSENSE ANYMORE,” ranted Tanasha.

In a separate post, she wrote “People are so quick to give ‘advise’ on something they aren’t going through themselves. The truth is…they don’t really care. They just wanna throw their opinion in too. Start counting your own blessing instead of focusing on others.”


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