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I don’t know how many men I’ve slept with-Ali Kiba's ex

Gigy money can’t remember how many men she has slept with since she lost her virginity and she doesn’t care.

Gigy Money

The model that is known for being very frank and very raunchy got very personal about her childhood and sex life while talking on Clouds TV. She revealed that she had lost her virginity at 17 and she feels that it was a little late as she should have lost it much earlier considering how much freedom she had at home.

“Nilichelewa, nilianza kulala na wanaume nikiwa na miaka kumi na saba nilikuwa tomboy sababu sikuwa na imani na wanaume. Nilipojua story ya wanaume nikawachukia…mama alisema baba alimuumiza sana so sikuwa na imani na wanaume.”She said. I was late. I started sleeping with men at 17 years old since I was a tomboy and I did not trust men. Since I learned about men I hated them since my mum told me how much my father hurt her so I lost faith in men).

She also disclosed that she knew who her father was after he passed away, they had met but she didn’t know it was her father. Something she said greatly hurt her because she suffered a lot as she didn’t know who her father was and when she asked the mum, her question was met with hostility. And one day her mum sat down and told her that her father had rejected her when she was still in the womb so since then she felt men couldn’t be trusted.


On her body count Gigy said  “Nisiwe mwongo siwezi kukumbuka idadi kwa  sababu kuna wenye nilikuwa napenda na kuna stage inafika kuna wenye unalala nao sababau wanakupa kitu, you get me?Ambao wengi wanakataa  hilo swala lakini  ni ukweli ipo.Kuna mda mtu anafika amefika dau kabisa, million mingi ni hela mingi sana. Siwezi kumbuka nimelalala na watu wangapi lakini nawakumbuka walionipenda na niliowapenda.”  ( I won’t lie I can’t remember how many people I have slept with because I had sex with people I loved then it reached a stage when I started having sex for favours. Some people cannot admit to exchanging sex for favors but that is the truth, there is a time one becomes very broke and 2 Million is a lot of money. I cannot remember how many people I have slept with but I can remember those I love and those that loved me.)


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