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Willy Paul’s fans react badly after he flashed the ‘Devil’s sign’ (Photo)

Nothing gets Kenyan conspiracy theorists quite riled up like The Illuminati, The Free Masons and all things occultic, paranormal and shadowy.


Maybe that is why some of Willy Paul’s fans were vexed and excited by a ‘sign’ Willy Paul made.

While posing next to Size 8, Willy Paul extended the index and little fingers to the front and folded the middle and ring fingers down with the thumb hanging out.

A sign which the fans thought was the mano cornuto or the horned hand commonly flashed by heavy metal artistes or ‘devil worshippers’ as the sign of the beast.

Forgetting that the sign he is flashing could translate to ‘I love you’ in the deaf sign language.


Anyhow here are some reactions:

zenahhussein: Kwani ushaingia Freemasons?

miriam.nafula: Stop signs

ededdy254: uko illumi ama

mike.sayo: What does signs mean


maureen2640_vaileti: Izo signs ni za nn devil worship ww mmmh ati gospel ka unaimba secular imba iyo ss ile wimbo ya (Fanya) ni gospel

ericmwiti1: Hio sign si magospel singer .stop pretending !!


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