Grace Msalame lands a new job [Photos]


In the deal, Ms. Msalame and her twin daughters will appear on all advertisements for the Royco fortified with Iron.

“Remember cooking with Mama in the Kitchen or better yet watching her as you eagerly waited to chow down. Well now as we welcome our little helpers into the kitchen we can also teach them different ways to prepare the much required Sukuma-Wiki with a dash of Royco Cubes fortified with Iron to help us Get Our Iron Up ,” said Msalame in another post on her Instagram page.


“For the longest time I have had low levels of iron. In fact I have never been able to give blood because of my low red blood count. And the most common symptoms of iron deficiency or anemia are extreme deficiency is exhaustion and lightheadedness which for me tend to kick in during that special time of the month. What I am learning is this reality isn’t unique for me at all. One in four women in Kenya suffer from iron deficiency and don’t even know it.” Said Grace Msalame.


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