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Hart the Band exposes impostor conning Club owners using their name

"This guy has been masquerading as H_art the Band"

In a long post, shared on social media, the band has expressed their concern after a guy masquerading as Mordecai from H_ART THE BAND conned a number of club owners.

According to the post, an impostor has gone to an extent of buying a microphone similar to the one used by Mordecai the vocalist of the group.

The guy in question has been operating with anonymous lady who goes by “Porsha”.


Long Post Alert

Good Morning #teamH_art it has come to our attention that the guy above has been masquerading as MORDECAi from H_ART THE BAND _& he has been extorting club owners.

This guy has even gone to the extent of buying a microphone that's almost similar to the one used by our Bro @mordecai_dex.

Together with an anonymous lady who goes by the name 'porsha' (not so sure if that's the spelling) they have been doing rounds in numerous clubs _& the saddest part is: as you can see from the video, the guy just looks like Mordecai from afar but he can't sing to save his life.


So, after being introduced as Mordecai from h_art the band*inserts sad emoji* he goes ahead to 'Rap' his very own songs. Really?!!! Piece of advice to him _& to others: The world is a small space _& if you are going to do a Mordecai impersonation at least learn how to sing _& don't go to stage 'DRUNK' #WorkEthics.

We have worked our a*@es off to get to where we are now _& being the best performers Kenya has now this ninja wants to spoil it by going to stage drunk.

NO WAY !!! Please if you are an organizer beware of impersonators - Not everyone with dreadlocks is H_ART THE BAND - Go an extra mile _& look at the guy closely.

We were really saddened by this information _& we have not been able to post it for almost 2weeks because we understand that there are no jobs and the youth are out here hustling but please don't let your hustle be one that will kill someone else's hustle #RespectTheHustle#RespectTheProcess if you know this guy please tell him that we are looking for him- no beef but we want to iron things out_& see how we can help him .He has such guts.’’The long post read.


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