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Intimate photos of Petit Man Wakuache and Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa is in the news once again.

Judging from the quality and how the two looked, the photos were pulled from the archives.

As expected the photos have caused a lot of drama with some people claiming that Hamisa hopped from Diamond’s brother in-law to Diamond. Others took issue with the fact that Hamisa and Esma (Diamond’s sister) have been friends for a longtime.

However Esma and Petiteman have spoken on the issue.


Taking to Instagram Petiteman accused the leaker of trying to stir up some shi*t given that the photos are old and he Hamisa now have a different life. He said that the photos were meant to taint his reputation and interfere with his marriage as he and Esma are winning in their marriage.

(Translation: Those photos circulating on the internet are very old. It relates in no way to my current life and what is currently going on in Hamisa’s life.The person who decided to circulate these photos is just smearing my name and dragging it into a matter that doesn’t concern me. For a long time my lovely wife and I have been busy building our life together something which must have annoyed a few people and that is why they maliciously shared the photos. The photos should be disregarded, they are very old photos and this is not the time to start a smear campaign. This is time we should all try and build our families and as the head of my house that is what I’m doing)

Esma on the other hand laughed off at the accusations that her friend Hamisa had a thing with her husband.


You can talk all you want in the end you will claim that Diamond and Hamisa’s son Dylan belongs to my husband. If you want to see photos of Hamisa in bed with my husband follow this page @esma_dangote


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