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Hamisa Mobeto's post raises eyebrows about possible re-union with Diamond

Interesting times

Hamisa and Diamond have been involved in a relationship before and in the process sired a child together.

Hamisa in her social media status, posted a photo of two people close together as though they are comparing something, the guy was wearing black canvas shoes and the lady suspected to be Hamisa was donned in gold stiletto sandals.

She captioned the post: “LOVE. Bae and I. I loooove his shoes”


Apparently Diamond Platnumz has a shoe exactly the same and a similar trouser as those in Hamisa’s status.

Her status comes barely two weeks since Diamond shared a video cuddling with Hamisa while pictured in controversial positions.

Could their reunion and romantic moves be a sign of reconciliation?

The video vixen earlier revealed that she has dated Diamond for 9 years. Hamisa further disclosed that the baby was not by accident nor by tricking Diamond but it was planned all along.

Hamisa and Diamond got a kid while the Bongo star was dating South African based tycoon Zari Hassan.


One of the reasons why Zari dumped Diamond was his ‘constant cheating’. Diamond who had declined to be Hamisa Mobeto’s later admitted to be the dad and blamed the devil for his actions.

Zari dumped the ‘African beauty’ heavy hitter on lovers’ day. Photos of  Wema Sepetu and Diamond seemingly cuddling surfaced online catapulting the Brooklyn school’s CEO to leave Diamond.

Diamond and Zari sired two kids together; Tiffah and Nillan. They currently stay with their mother in South Africa.


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