Why Harmonize gave his ex Wolper a job

It’s a move that has surprised many.

A move that surprised many as just a few months ago the two were exchanging words on social media, words that culminated with Harmonize releasing a list of the celebrities that have smashed Wolper.

But speaking to Lil Ommy TV Harmonize disclosed that they decided to put things behind them and make money.

“Wolper has a lot of influence in society and she is also very good looking which will attract a lot of revellers you never know.” He said on why Wolper was the chosen host for ‘Kusi Night’.

He then went on to add “We have had skirmishes on social media and so we decided to put things behind us and make money instead of creating hate that doesn’t help. So we cleared the beef to show people we are okay and moving forward. I created a show and offered her the position of the main host, at the end of the day we have to show people that look up to us the right way.”


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