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He is a very good rapper- CS Mutahi Kagwe opens up on his rapper son Kahu$h

Kahu$h is currently ruling the airwaves with his song called "Mi Siwezi"

CS Mutahi  Kagwe and Son Kahu$h

Health Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mutahi Kagwe has for the first time opened up about his rapper son Kahu$h, stating that he is a very good rapper.

On Monday. Citizen TV Reporter Sam Gituku sought to find out the relationship that exits between CS Kagwe and rapper Kahu$h who has been ruling the airwaves with his new song dubbed Mi Siwezi.

“Allow Me to ask you this, it’s a bit personal, do you know a guy called Kahu$h?" asked Sam Gituku.


He is a good Rapper

Kagwe responded saying; “Yes, Yes Kahu$h? Of course, that is my youngest son. His name is actually Kahumburu, but somewhere along the line Kahumburu became Kahu$h, he is a student. He is A first year Student at Nottingham University in the UK, he is also a rapper and a good one too. I listen to his Music sometimes, Mi Siwezi so on and so forth, so yes I do know Kahumburu. In our family we have got people who are Musicians, Kahu$h is one of them, Kagwe Mungai, my Nephew is the other one."

He added that he will not dictate what his children will become in future, giving them a free will to choose what they like.

Mi Siwezi Video


“My children are going to have their own lives away from mine, I mean after the age of 21, you are an adult and you carve your own path and use what talents God has given you,” said Kagwe.

Kahumburu Mutahi aka Kahu$h has been ruling the airwaves with his tune dubbed "Mi Siwezi" that was released on November 3rd 2019. The song has over 500K views on YouTube.

The “Mi Siwezi” hit-blew up during this Coronavirus period after people started linking him (Kahu$h) to the Health Cabinet Secretary.

Kahu$h's Video


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