Citizen TV anchor gets rid of her bushy cheap-looking wig after being trolled thoroughly

Kenyans with eyes for details noticed the mess on Janet Mbugua’s head and they decided to troll her until she got rid of her wig.


Wednesday 9 November was a sad day for most people all over the world; Donald Trump’s win was a bitter pill to swallow.

Everybody was confused how Trump made mincemeat of Hillary Clinton; Janet Mbugua’s frustration with Trump’s victory was evident on her head.

Her wig made her look like a tormented housewife whose property has just been auctioned for failing to pay bank loan; even viewers noticed something was amiss with the Citizen TV anchor.

Coldhearted Kenyans ruthlessly trolled Janet Mbugua on social media for her cheap appearance on Citizen TV:

Akinyi Nyar Ahero: Aki she looks funny today

Nya Mbu Ra: She should stick to her usual hair style

Alicia Kings: I was doubting kama ni yeye. So true. Hiyo ni weave ama wig… SMH

Salha Mamake: Hiyo wig tuuuuuu!eeh ni kama ya ma mzee….. akuwa yeye

Monica Rotich: Ni trump

Mary Nyanxy: Amecheswo leo na hairdresser wake. Below average

Maggie Nimms: She looks funny

Nyandundo Wanjiku: Wacha uchokozi

Rop Cherono: Lydia Amondi umeona Janet? Milidhani amefunga kitambaa nikasongea kwa tv nikaona kumbe ni ile weave ya flat iron

Njeri Kinyanjui: yea she doesn’t look cool

Jane King’ara: You have said it..she looks nasty. At first I thought it is a head scarf, and later I realized it is a wig

Sherry Kigo: Being a wife, a mother and a career woman I can’t judge.. I don’t know what she is going through, today something somewhere is not right about her.

Emmerveline Ondaro: Odd bila makeups

Lizz Ninah: mathogothania

Carol Ngara: She is shooked, she didn’t imagine Trump will win! Hehe.

Rhodah Kithuku: I thot ni mimi pekee who saw that…she luks like a shamba gal…yuko down hata ground iko juu…nkt. Nimetuma sms kwa citizen.

Janet has since been seen rocking a befitting wig for women of her class.


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