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Check out Jalang’o’s costly home in the village (Photos)

It took 10 months to build.

The comedian and MC debuted his beautiful mansion in the village which he informed us was his first house there.

“Simba is that first house you build in shags… The boy's cave.” One post read while another read “Shags… Simba. The small projects that just make you happy.”

The comedian who is now one of the richest celebrities around is a classic case of grass to grace as he grew up in a humble home.


Their lives were so humble that his dad had to fundraise to send him to high school where he wore his first pair of shoes.

“At Lake Primary where I went to school, we had different classes of people. We had the rich who would show up in school with black shoes, socks and even a tie then we had the guys in middle class who would afford rubbers and then there were some of us who couldn’t totally afford the shoes. So we resorted to either slippers while some of us went for Akala. Akala are shoes made from tires. They were cheap and that is what I used to wear to school. In the assembly, you would see the divide, the kids in Bata shoes and socks, those in shoes without socks and those wearing the Akala and slippers…I didn’t wear shoes for 15 years,” He disclosed on Hot 96’s A Story a Day.

And it was this situation that built his love for shoes and the finer things in life. Now Jalang’o owns over 3000 pairs of shoes.


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