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How much Khaligraph paid Sauti Sol's Bien for 'Yes Bana' hit song

Bien reveals how much he received from Papa Jones

Sauti Sol's Bien  with Khaligraph Jones

Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza has revealed that rapper Khaligraph Jones was the first artist in Kenya to send him Sh300,000 after the success of their song.

While appearing on Cleaning the Airwaves (CTA) with Richard Njau alias A-Star, Bien explained that the money was just a token of appreciation from the 'Luku' hit-maker.

“OG is the first artist to send me Sh300,000 via mobile money. He called me and said he would send the cash from the revenues which it had earned,” the Sauti Sol lead vocalist stated.


The 'Niko Sawa' hitmaker went on to take a shot at Papa Jones, likening him to cunning Kenyans who send money in multiple transactions to save on transaction fees.

“He is such a Kenyan stereotype so he sent the money from his phone. He asked for my account number and wired it in batches of Sh50,000. He is like those debtors that pay you in hundreds,” Bien recounted.

The 'Yes Bana' collabo - released in 2020 - had been selected for a marketing campaign by one of the leading telcos in the county and earned millions in licensing fees.

Both artists earn millions from their music due to the measures they take to secure the intellectual property rights for every song they release.


Music business consultants recommend that artists should sign split sheets which dictate how much every contributor is entitled to in terms of percentages.

Bien likened music to real estate property, explaining that every song released is like a rental house which earns him ‘rent’ every time someone listens or uses it for commercial purposes.

He added that some times certain songs earn small residual income over long periods of time, while others become hits songs and fall off in the same manner.

“In the 100 million+ streams that we have for Midnight Train, Suzzana has a good 42 million, it is the song that pays the bills but there are other songs that ink deals here and there. As a musician your real estate and wealth is in your intellectual property. Understand it and put out a lot of art,” he advised.


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