Abel Mutua opens up on his relationship with President Uhuru that saw him appointed Ambassador

Abel Mutua Speaks Out

Abel Mutua with President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto

Renowned actor and Script writer Abel Mutua has disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta saved him from unemployment, after appointing him as the Brand Ambassador of Uwezo fund.

In recent Radio Interview, Mutua disclosed that, during the 2012-2013 General election, Mutua in company of other youth got the opportunity to work for Team Uhuru drumming support for his Election as the President.

After the election period was over, Abel was among the People had nothing to do, basing on the fact that in August 2012, he had resigned the script writer for Tahidi High and Mother- In law shows that used to serve as his main source of Income.

Mutua states that, he was handed the mandate of being the Brand Ambassador of Uwezo fund, a kit that had been created to help youth across the country.

He added that during the campaign period he had developed good relationship (good friends) with Uhuru, a thing that gave him an upper hand to get into Uwezo fund.

“So 2012 October, nikakutana na my friend Dennis Itumbi, akanishow naskia ulitoka Citizen, so hauko Jobo, so niko na beshte yangu anataka kuran for president. Ni kamuuliza Getau juu mimi najua mabeshet yake kadhaa. Akanishow Uhuru, I was surprised juu nikamshow unaweza ongea tu ivo casually juu ya Uhuru, Minister of Energy? Akaniambia anataka kuran for Presidencey ana amempick yeye kuwa kwa Campaign team yake, na kuna kitu inaitwa team Uhuru pale, Foundation Fulani tutaimia kuhelp wasee na pia kaa campaign tool. So nikasema twende sana. So after Uhuru ameingia, watu wakarudi kazi mimi huyo sina kazi. So itakibidii niambie kamwana (Uhuru) juu tulikuwa tuna meet once in a while, so ikabidii nijitetee na juu IEBC ilikuwa imeset aside 16 Billion in case of a run-off, but si watu wakapiga 51plus one , so ikawaa hiyo 16 Billion haina Kazi. Wakasema waunde Fund ya Vijana na kwa sababu sikuwa na Kazi , si mimi huyo nikapewa kuwa Ambassador. So Kazi yangu ilikuwa publicist” said Abel Mutua.

Quitting Tahidi High 

In August 2012, after 46 hours of writing scripts for mother in law and Tahidi High, he decided to freshen up, but while in the shower he collapse and passed out for about 40 minutes.

The incident forced the house girl to raise alarm, alerting neighbours who came in to help.

“I was script writing for two shows non-stop and had to create content for Tahidi High and Mother in Law shows which used to run every Tuesday and Sunday, respectively. So since I was pushing myself too hard, one afternoon in August, 2012 after a 46-hour writing stint, I locked my laptop after sending my script and I was to take a quick shower before resting. I collapsed in the shower for forty minutes and the house girl had to call for help since my wife was at work. I was hospitalized for two days due to fatigue. Before I was discharged the nurse gave me a wake up call. She told me Abel, I know in your mind you think your colleagues won’t go on without you. The truth is you will collapse and die and after you are gone, the show will still go on and what will happen, people will just post their condolence messages and that’s it,” narrated Abel Mutua.


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