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Inside Huddah Monroe’s lavish 7-bedroom mansion (Photo+Video)

Rags to Riches.

This is because Huddah grew up in a very humble mabati home but can now enjoy the finer things in life.

About four years ago, Huddah posted of a photograph of the tumbledown house she grew up in and revealed that they didn’t demolish the humble home as it holds a lot of memories.

“This is where I grew up and I am very proud! We haven’t even demolished this house coz it’s a Museum, holds a lot of memories. I’m thankful some of us don't look like where we came from and we don’t pretend to be who we are NOT! All the rich people I used to know when I was young are all broke! It’s better to start from rags than being born with a silver spoon and learn to make it out here with no worries! This place taught me a lot and that’s why I am who I am right now! #F**kYourOpinions,” She wrote.


On her Insta stories, the petite owner of Huddah Cosmetics gave us a tour of her lavish 7 bedroom house.

Check it out below:


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