Though she famously dated Prezzo and had some sort of fling with Colonel Mustapha Huddah Monroe has admitted that she does not date Kenyan men.

“I don’t date Kenyans. Dunno the last time I was ever with a Kenyan. I consider all my Kenyan men my brothers. Coz if you can’t help my business or my life then what the f*ck are we? Siblings.”  She posted.

“And I don’t sh*t where I eat .So I would rather these Kenyan men as my brothers, for respect purposes.” She wrote.

The petite entrepreneur opines that Kenyan men don’t have the guts when it comes to approaching a woman who knows what she wants. “And anyways men here don’t have the guts to hit on a woman who knows what she wants. And they call you a hoe coz they can’t afford you.”

She also took time off her rant about Kenyan men to address the issue of child support.

“Child support is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. A new dawn for the women of Kenya. Say no to deadbeat fathers. Kenyan men must start taking responsibility for their sperms.”