Huddah Monroe is in love and she can’t keep calm about the S3x prowess of her man

Huddah Ametoboa siri

According to Ms Monroe she has been in Love for the past one year but had kept her affairs private but not anymore.

“I’ve been in a relationship for 1 year. Good God. I never thought I’d be with the same man for this long. Now I want to leave him but its hard as hell. Coz emotions are involved. Can all you feel me? I’m scared of commitment," wrote Huddah via her Insta-stories

Sexual prowess

She added that the sexual prowess of her man is just dope “D game so good. I forgot the rules ; Rule Number 1 Never fall in love,".

The Huddah Cosmetics Boss went ahead to state that she sees her man as her future hubby but her mind is not settled yet.

“I see and smell this man is my future. My heart wants him so bad. But my mind is telling me NO! There’s a better shark in the sea” shared Huddah.


“Sometimes I wish I could unfuck some people I fucked before. Urgh!! I hate regretting.” wrote Monroe on her Snapchat.


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