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Huddah weighs in on why educated youth are joining Al-Shabaab

‘Al-Shabaab bride’ Violet Kemunto was a graduate of Masinde Muliro University.

Huddah Monroe inset Violet Kemunto (Instagram)

Huddah recently weighed in why joining the Al-Shabaab terror group and engaging in other unsavoury activities like prostitution has become attractive to youth in Kenya.

The petite businesswoman disclosed that it’s really hard for a young person to make it in this country due to factors like outrageous taxes and lack of jobs.


Taking to Instagram, Huddah expressed her frustrations in a number of Instagram stories.

“Doing business in Kenya is the hardest thing you can ever experience. First, the tax is outrageously high. Second, they don’t make it a smooth road for young business entrepreneurs. You want (us) to start whoring for a living, join Al-Shabaab or?

When they ask why young graduates are joining terror groups like Al-Shabaab I laugh. Reality is, it’s because the youth in Kenya are suffering. They are neglected and that’s the only route left for most,” Huddah posted.

She then went on to add “Najihurumia kuwa mkenya. This place is a jungle, dry and with animals calling themselves human beings. According to what I have seen and experienced there is no future for the youth of this country. You gotta work a million times harder than a kid in the USA, UK and Europe to make it out here. Systems are not opened to helping you grow, just to crush you. Relocating is the only way that can help an ambitious African youth.”


Humble Background

Huddah disclosed that she comes from a humble background and growing up she didn’t have any role models to look up to as most people had no hope. And now that she is in the entrepreneurial scene she understands why.

“Growing up I didn’t have any role models. I had no one close to me to look up to. Everyone around me was extremely broke and poor. They didn’t have hope and the way things are in Kenya, I know why,” Huddah disclosed.


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