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I am misunderstood - Akothee

Some have called her arrogant but Madam Boss believes that she is just misunderstood.


From the flamboyant lifestyle which is unapologetically documented on social media, to her bold stance when it comes to how she lives her life to the devastating clap backs that she deals on her detractors, her lifestyle is enough to irritate her critics.

However Akothee doesn’t see herself in her critics’ eyes, she just believes that’s she is misunderstood and that people consider her arrogant because they have never met her and those that misunderstand her fear the truth.


“People think I am not humble but it’s because they have never met me in person. I am a very realistic person. They misunderstand me because people fear reality and I speak the truth as it is, I don’t sugar coat anything,” she said on Dr Ofweneke’s show.

But even though she is misunderstood, Akothee has no interest in being understood. “I don’t think that people understand where I come from and it’s okay because I don’t understand where they are coming from. I am living my life and I have not even invited them into my life because if I invite them into my life today, they will suffocate, so I don’t have time to explain to them why they should understand me or not.  For me to sit down to try and convince you and explain to you why I live my life the way I do, are you able to cater for my bills even for a day ? Forget a day an hour. I don’t have time to make them understand why I am living the way I am.”


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