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I couldn’t eat, couldn’t function - Lillian Muli opens up about depression after giving birth

It took a toll on me emotionally and mentally - Lillian.

Muli (Instagram)

Lillian Muli has opened up about sinking into depression after the birth of her first born son Josh.

The Citizen TV news anchor disclosed that the birth of her son took a toll on her mentally and emotionally leading to a drastic weight loss.

Many marvelled at how she had bounced back but they didn’t know that the reason she lost so much weight was that she barely ate and had trouble functioning properly.


“When I was poached by Citizen TV in the year 2010 I had lost so much weight. I weighed 56 kilos at the time after having my baby. I didn’t not look nice by the way, but everyone was like how did you lose after having a baby? What a lot of people didn’t know was that the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally and mentally. So I went through an episode of post-natal depression so I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t function. It was hard for me,” she revealed on Malkia Africa Production.

Slim Possible

 Her depression story had a silver lining as her weight loss is what led to the birth of ‘Slim Possible’ a weight loss show.“When I finally got over that I got into that serious healthy eating program and I really watched how I ate and worked out religiously. So when I walked into Citizen Tv my boss was like ‘Hold up, how old is your baby?’ and I was like ‘My baby is 6 months old’. And he asked ‘How are you this tiny?’ So I told him about my depression and my deliberate decision to not put on weight.And then he said ‘Okay fine, you are the person you have been looking for’ and so Slim Possible was born.”


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