I didn’t think I was gonna have a baby - Avril

I have battled a lot of things - Avril.

Avril and her son M

“I have battled a lot of things throughout my early adulthood to my late adulthood, actually I didn’t think I was gonna have a baby. It gets to 32 and I am like ‘I’m actually having a baby!’. I wanted to have a baby for the longest time, I wanted to be a parent for the longest time and anyone who knows me personally knows that that was what I used to sing from the age of about 27,” Avril told Parents Magazine.

In the same interview, the ‘In Love’ singer disclosed that a scan by doctors found two fibroids which could be the reason it took her that long to get pregnant.

“I had two fibroids when I was pregnant and the doctors speculated that that could have been the reason it took me longer to conceive,” said Avril.


Now that she has M in her arms, the singer revealed that she will protect his privacy at all costs. This is for a good reason, she wants her son M to grow up as M and not as Avril’s son. She doesn’t want her son to be set for ‘unrealistic expectations’ simply because he is the son of a famous singer.

“I want M to have a simple life, without the pressure of being compared to or being set for unrealistic expectations because he is my son. When he is old enough and chooses the public light for himself, then that’s okay. Until then it’s a no for me,” Avril told the Magazine.


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