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I met my fiancée through Hopekid - Mr Seed

The two have been dating for 6 years.

Mr. Seed’s girlfriend treated to surprise baby shower

Nimmo and Mr Seed are celebrating 6 years in a relationship. A relationship that happened due to their mutual friend Hopekid.

“I was at a show at KICC and my friend Hopekid told me that he is was passing by Lifestyle Mall to say hi to his friend and I decided to tag along,” Seed said in their ‘How We Met’ Vlog.

Tagging along proved to be fruitful as that was where Mr Seed met his future wife. Seed was instantly besotted with Nimmo who told him that she has been his fan for a long time.


Nimmo disclosed that she knew Seed from way back when he was a dancer and trying to make it in the industry. Mr Seed later dropped by Nimmo’s high school to perform and she took a photo with him as a fan not knowing that they would end up together in future.

“Back in the day, this guy came to dance in our church Deliverance Church, he was part of a group called ‘Bond Breakers’ , ” Nimmo commented on the first time she spotted Seed.

She later spotted him in high school when he came for a performance. “He came to perform in our high school. Our friend Paulette even has a photo that I took with Seed. Nilikuwa nimebeat!”

The fact that she knew him broke the ice and made for good conversation. “I approached him (at Lifestyle) since I knew him from back in the day so as we were walking down the stairs I told him I was a huge fan.”


And this comment sent the ball rolling and as they say, the rest is history.


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