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I dated over 30 women to get over Wema Sepetu – Idris Sultan confesses

I had a hard time getting over her - Idris.

The comedian disclosed that though he was the one who broke off their relationship, it took a period of 6 months and more than 30 women to get Wema out of his system.

Idris disclosed that he has never had a difficult time getting over ladies but getting Wema out of his system was a formidable task.

“I dated a lot of women, I think I was really trying to get her out of my system. I think I dated more than 30 women, honestly,” He revealed to Dizzim Online.


Upon noticing that things were getting out of control, Idris realized that he had to put a pause on the sleeping around. “I said no and took a step back and I told myself ‘You are a man, try and accept what has happened.’ I grew up.”

Getting over Wema took a period of 6 months and also inspired his fitness journey as he realized that exercise helped him get over the Bongo actress.

Idris is not the only man who has a hard a time getting over Wema as most of her exes have confessed to having a devastating time after the end of their relationship with Wema.

It took Diamond a whopping 4 years to get over Wema and he was a hot mess after they separated and he cried a lot over her.

And for singer TID, he went through a promiscuous phase like Idris to get over Wema.


“Nilikuwa namdate Wema Sepetu akaniambia sikutaki, tangu kipindi hicho nimekuwa na wasichana wengi,” TID once said in an interview with Clouds TV.


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