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Why #IfikieWazazi has become a hot topic among Kenyans

The trending topic has left people severely outraged.

Kenyans have taken to Twitter to expose wayward teens through the #IfikieWazazi hashtag that showcases teenagers in very compromising positions. KOT urged users to share the photos widely until they reach the parents of the unruly teenagers.

From half-naked photoshoots to photos that simulate sex and other undignified poses, concerns have been expressed about the future of Generation Z and the role models they are exposed to.

But despite the concerns, some teens feel that exposing their body is none of our business and that they will show it off till the day they die.


“So hawa watu wa katamba kafikie pastor so ikifikia pastor kwani nitafukuzwa church ama? Your boys have very stupid aims though. If I decide to show off my body, its mine I will show it of till the day I die and if you don’t like it b*tch die first.” One of the teens ranted in a video seen on Twitter.

The #ifikiewazazi hashtag was spurred by professional photographers who complained that the raunchy photoshoots the teenagers participate in in public spaces taint the reputation of serious photographers. And if their reputation is tainted it will make it hard for them to make their bread as they will be restricted from photographing in public spaces after the teen’s shenanigans.


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