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I’m done- Shouts Diana Marua after exquisite Baby Shower

The Bahati's are expecting a baby boy

The Wa Jesua Famiy and The Bahati's . I’m done- Shouts Diana Marua after exquisite Baby Shower

Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has hinted that she is not looking forward to getting another child days after a lavish Baby shower that was attended by close friends and family members.

Ms Marua’s close friend, Winnie Shareefa, who played the MC’s role at the baby shower shared a post on Instagram, thanking the Couple for entrusting her to host their affair, stating that she is ready to do the same come next year.

“I couldn't be more happier and proud of you guys! I'm overjoyed and still in awe that you guys trusted me enough to host @diana_marua baby shower. It was such an amazing baby shower! Please Dee, I want a repeat next year, so please, you know what to do!! Cc_ @bahatikenya I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Congratulations on your baby boy!” wrote Winnie Sheerefa.


No! Thank you

The comment prompted Mama Heaven to react, affirming that she has closed the chapter of getting more babies.

“A repeat of whose baby shower? pengine sasa u'host ya @d_eimos I'm done @winnie_shareefa responded Diana Marua.

Another fan identified as Matilda Hance joined that conversation, asking Ms Marua not to close the chapter without balancing the equation.

@diana_maruayours now,we need a balance equation now, the ratio of boys to girls in the house will be 3:2 and we need 3:3 now....mob love to you,i just love you deeeh” suggested Matilda Hance.


Best Friend

In a separate post, Diana lauded Winnie Shareefa for doing an incredible job during the baby shower.

“You have a Reserved Place in my Heart, Love you Best Friend and Thank you for always being True @winnie_shareefa,” said Diana.


Bahati also had this to say about Ms Shareefa “Ka #STORY Ka Mwisho Kabla Tulale :: You See this Beautiful Girl on Left; Alikua anikalia Ngumu Sana Nisiingishe @diana_marua BOXXX. Ooh Mara Oh I looked so Innocent hajui Kama Nitawezana, Oh Mara Talk to me I'm her BFF/PA Mscheeew .... Sasa Ona Mimba ya Pili Iko Ndaneee @winnie_shareefaUnajiskiaje hapo Kama MC??? . Naweza Kua Mkonda But Nikona Nguvu Ndani kwa Ndani. Any way Thanks for Always Coming through God Bless you.”


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