Zari forced to explain why KingBae has two wedding rings (Photo)

Zari clears the air

Zari Hassan and KinBae. Her wedding ring

Business Woman Zari Hassan has been forced to explain why her husband KingBae has been rocking two different wedding rings in most of the photos she shares on Instagram.

A curious fan noted that Kingbae has been wearing two different wedding rings, opting to get answers from Ms Hassan. In her explanation, Zari stated that her man is a bit extra and he got the rings; one for casual occasions and the other for formal wear.

Formal and Casual

“Tell them not to worry KingBae doesn’t exit, why make stress now? Anyways like we always going to be a lil extra extra. He has2 bands one for formal wear and other for casual. Since its there businessto know in order to reduce the Zari given headaches...embwa ezo. Enaku eziliko eyokya lumode” reacted Zari.

On July 18, 2019, the mother of five informed the world she was officially married to the mysterious man she introduced as KingBae.

She wedded in a private affair that went down in South Africa, with the news being shared by her close friend Zodwa Mkandla.


“Well done my friend am proud of you @zarithebosslady#Mrs KingBae. Welcome to our family mr M” shared Zodwa.

Another post shared by Zodwa, captured Zari flaunting an expensive wedding ring as proof that she was legally married.

The video was captioned “It is done guys @zarithebosslady”.

Despite the news of the private wedding Zari continues to keep her fans guessing as she is yet to reveal KingBae’s face.


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