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Citizen TV Jamila Mohamed’s bold message to parents over increased number of teen Pregnancies

It’s a shame that children are safer in school than they are in their own homes- Jamila Mohamed

The News Gang. Joe Ageyo, Yvonne Okwara, Linus Kaikai, Jamila Mohamed and Francis Gachuri

Celebrated Media Personality Jamila Mohamed has added her voice on the ongoing discussion around the increased number of teenage pregnancies, stating that this is not the time for blame games.

In her 2 minutes, 48 seconds Memo on Citizen TV’s News Gang segment, Mohamed pointed out that it’s sad that we live in a country where children are more safer in school than at their homes.

Jamila went on to urge parents to take full responsibility of guiding their children through life, to avoid the act children exploring things on their own.


Jamila's Memo

“On my Memo Tonight, I am shocked and Sad.

"Reports that in the past four months, 4 000 school going girls in Machakos County are pregnant have left many of us flabbergasted. This worrying trend has escalated during this period when schools have been closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The strategies for learning online, through radio, Television and the Internet have further widened the in equality gap with children from many households enable to benefit from this. Owing to lack of access.

"Also lots of livelihood has forced some children into income generating activities to support their families. The number of children begging and hacking on the streets have increased in the past few months. School closure has also affected the provision of school meals and sanitary Towels for many children from poor families who rely on this free supplies.

This has raised the risk of young girls engaging in transactional sex and becoming vulnerable to adults who prey on them. Many instances of this pregnancies are from men that are familiar to these girls. Close relatives, neighbors and others. The other worry is the health challenges that accompany this, consequences of Teenage pregnancies include depression, suicide, abortion, interruption of schooling, maternal ill health and death, Birth related complications like fistula and early marriages,” said Jamila Mohamed in part.


She added that;

"The high numbers in Machokos reflects the situation across the country, the numbers are staggering. The date points to a bigger and more worrying crisis. This is not time for blame games, all adults should own up to everything happening to our children. The failure belongs to the adults, the parents, the teachers and government. Not the Children. What is not working? is the social protection the children used to enjoy and now we have the concept of loose parenting. Where we have parents who do not want to take responsibility.


"You heard them saying hizi shule zifunguliwe hawa watoto watoke hapa. So when parents don’t take responsibility, the children will no doubt take the space and do things some of which may not be right. This things may be the early pregnancy that we are seeing. The far the parents are moving away from responsibilities the more such trends are taking root, makes me wonder how children from previous generations grew up. Its because the place of guardians and parents was taken seriously. This days children have been left to make their own decisions and the consequences are there for all to see. Ladies and gentlemen It is a shame that we live in a country where children are safer in school than they are in their own homes. Its just plain embarrassing”


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