Babies are not accessories- Kate Actress weighs in on the increased number of teenage pregnancies

My heart is completely broken - Kate Actress

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress

Actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has expressed displeasure in the high numbers of teenage pregnancies being in reported in Kenya, stating that young girls should wait for the right time before getting kids.

A disappointed Ms Kamau said that is high time Parents and guardians engage in candid conversations with their kids and emphasize on the importance of waiting to get babies at the right time.

“My heart is completely broken 💔 the teenage pregnancies statistics reported earlier this week (if factual ) are shocking , we need to speak louder IT IS NOT OKAY , BABIES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES, YOUNG QUEENS PLEASE WAIT . YOUR TIME WILL COME . However Some of them are victims of rape and fallen pregnant as a result , 🤦🏽‍♀️, where is the law ?? We need to have this conversation with our sons too , takes 2 to tangle , we must raise a better generation. This is heavy 😔 N/B did this video last year , it’s on YouTube” reads Kate actress post.

Echoed Statement

Kate Actress’s statement was echoed by a good number of celebrities who lauded her for being a voice for the voiceless.

captainotoyo “I love love looooooove You. AND I respect You. This is as raw as it should get. 👌🏼100%✔”

theemwalimurachel “💯💯💯💯 heko dadaaa! Watafute PESAAAAAA”

massawejapanni “Nice one Kate👏👏Motherhood should be enjoyed”

njambi_kablackieWe need to have this conversation with the boys too!!!!!!!! Girls don't get pregnant on their own..”

joy_fu.raha “I completely agree with you.. Everything is amazing only when it's at its best time. No rush 😫”

euphrancia_ke “Not okay to be a teen mom #earlypregnancies ... Very true 👍”

bea_kilemi “Wow.. truly love the advice Cate.. I hope waliskia”

psheghu “Where did we go wrong? My appeal to parents, watch over your kids. Ni jukumu lako. Kumbuka, “samaki hukunjwa angali mbichi” It’s so disheartening 💔😪💦. I pray for justice to those young naive girls. Those culprits MUST be brought to book. 😡”

Teenage pregnancies

On Wednesday, Machakos County recorded at least 4,000 teenage pregnancies during this period where school children are at home.

The shocking data released by the Machakos Children's department painted a grim picture of the threat to girls education and future.

In March, similar concerns were raised in the coastal region, where it was reported that minors had suffered from abuse amid the ongoing pandemic.

Fifteen teenage girls, with some as young as 13 years were impregnated and some married off in Kisauni, Mombasa County.

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