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Check out the exquisite mansion Zari Hassan’s rich ex just bought (Photos)

People really have money.

Ivan the don house

Zari Hassan’s baby daddies may detest each other but if there is one thing that the baby daddies have in common is their love for money and a penchant for flaunting their possessions. A few days after Diamond flaunted the Hummer he was going to use during his South African trip, Ivan her other baby daddy decided to ‘one up’ him by sharing photos of his orange Lamborghini.

But he was not done yet as he flaunted a huge Hummer parked in front of a big a** house.

And a few days later, he has given us an unparalleled view of his eye-wateringly expensive mansion which looks more like a hotel than a house.


The leader of South African-based Ugandan faction ‘Rich Gang’ described his mega-mansion as the ‘Rich Gang Empire.’

Decorated in luxurious gold and beautiful and elegant Victorian furniture, the Rich Gang members and their leader posed in various sections of the house which many believe is a new purchase.

This expensive purchase comes a few months after Diamond called him out for dismissing him as poor whilst whilst sons lived in rentals.

“Wanakazana kujisifu Matajiri Ilhali watoto zao wanaishi kwenye Nyumba zakupanga… halaf leo yuleyule wanaemtukana kutwa kwenye Mitandao kuwa Masikini, kajawa na shida, Kanunua nyumba kulekule kwao ili watoto wao waishi Maisha bora kama wanayoyatamani ."  The scathing post read. (They keep bragging that they are rich and yet their kids live in rentals. But today, that person they kept calling poor day in day out on social media has bought a house in South Africa so that his children can live a better life, the kind of life they wish for.)


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