The touching thing Zari's baby daddy did before his death

Zari’s father of three boys passed away in the wee hours of today morning…

 Ivan Ssemwanga  and Zari Hassan

He was known as a very flamboyant businessman who liked to throw high-end parties and flaunt his money and immense wealth on social media…but there was a side of him that many didn’t know about, his charitable side.

Before he went into cardiac arrest and passed away 2 weeks after he was taken ill, Ivan was distributing part of his immense wealth to the poor.

Charity Time! I just want the money, I don't want any enemies. I don't need nothing from u but to stay out my way. I will forever stay solid and help those in will never hurt to help my people.

An act that greatly touched Diamond’s official photographer Kifesi who sent out this message:

One of his final works in the world was distributing money to people in need, who knew he was preparing his way to heaven? Even though he didn’t know that these were his last days... Rest in Peace #Ivandon

His death has touched me so, we are all walking dead. Brothers and sisters, please remember every day to please God, we do not know when God will take our lives.

If you die today which environment will you die in? Will you die in adultery, drunkenness or will you die abusing people?

If you die while committing evil deeds you will die and spend eternity in hell… Remember if you die in sin even the preachers and your relatives will not save you, even when people post RIP a thousand times it will not help you. Your inventory ends immediately after you die and all you can do is wait for judgment based on your actions. May God help us all, happy Thursday.


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