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Jackie Matubia speaks on Blessing Lung'aho's new romance

Jackie Matubia gives her take on Blessing Lung'aho's new romance

Jackie Matubia

Award winning actress Jackie Matubia has weighed in on her ex-lover and baby daddy Blessing Lung’aho’s new relationship days after the celebrated actor Kenyan actor took to social media to introduce his new partner.

After parting ways with Matubia, Lung'aho first introduced his babe in a video promoting a pool party, where he affectionately referred to her using pet names.

Shortly afterwards, Lung’aho flaunted his new love interest in a fashionable outing.

The actor, dressed in a black suit and white shirt, was seen escorting his partner, adorned in a white dress, to a waiting car with the images portraying a sense of happiness and companionship between the couple.


Netizens were eager to hear Jackie Matubia’s take on the new relationship with the mother of two remaining silent.

Matubia finally broke her silence on the relationship on Friday after Milele FM’s Ankali Ray came calling with the question.

That shows how done I am - Jackie Matubia

Below is how the conversation went with Matubia clarifying that she is not interested in her baby Daddy’s new relationship and was not aware of it in the first place.


Ankali: Happy New Year shem, unaendelea aje?

Matubia: Niko Salama I'm at home taking a day at a time.

Ankali: Shem pole nakusumbua bana wambea tumekuwa tuki fikiria sana hili swala vipi hivi umeona?

Matubia: Hmm nimeona nini.


Upon realizing that Matubia was clueless on what he was talking about, Ankali tooka few seconds to explain to the actress that he was enquiring to know if she has learnt of Lung’aho’s new relationship.

After understanding Ankali’s train of thought and line of questions, the mother of two made it clear that she is does not care what happens in her ex’s life.

"Kila mtu na maisha yake? Me I don't even care what happens in his life. Imagine I don't. Yeah, sijui waongelelea nani that shows how done I am."

When reports first surfaced in 2023 that the couple had parted ways, both Blessing and Matubia were quick to dismiss the reports.


Not long afterwards, the couple confirmed their split.

Blessing Lung'aho and Jackie Matubia split

It all began with a series of cryptic posts that sparked speculation of troubled times in their union before Matubia put the speculation to rest confirming that they were no longer together.

"I have already met Mr. player, Mr. stupid, Mr. idiot, Mr. psycho, Mr. cheap, Mr. lazy, Mr. user, Mr. know it all, Mr. control freak and Mr. stalker. Where the hell is Mr. Right?” Read one of her posts.


She officially confirmed split from her fiancé' and the father of her second daughter, Blessing Lung'aho in July.

She boldly refers to herself as a proud single mother of two.


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