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Jackie Matubia throws shade at Blessing over clip with mystery woman

Jackie Matubia sets the record straight on ex-fiancé's post with another woman

Blessing Lung'aho & Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia, a popular Kenyan actress, recently found herself in the spotlight when fans tagged her on her ex-fiancé's TikTok clip.

The video, posted by Blessing on a Wednesday morning, featured him holding a flower vase with a woman standing behind him, obscuring his face.

Online sleuths quickly noticed the woman's nails, with some suggesting they resembled Jackie's.


As the post gained traction and more people tagged Jackie in the comments, she couldn't keep calm anymore.

Jackie took to her Instagram stories to address the issue, emphatically stating that the woman in Blessing's photo and video was not her.

She went further to showcase her current nails, highlighting the differences between hers and the woman's in the video.

"Iwafikie! Can you compare these nails to those ones please? I don't involve myself in content mbaya," Jackie wrote.


Jackie didn't stop at defending her identity; she also expressed her astonishment at the situation.

She questioned why Blessing and the woman couldn't even spend a mere 300 Kenyan shillings on a real flower instead of using a vase for their content creation.

"Gai, hata maua ya 300 hiawezi nunuliwa to do content, wanachukua ya vase. Nikomeni!" she wrote.


Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung'aho got engaged in April 2022, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. However, their once-promising partnership eventually hit a rough patch.

Speculation and rumors started swirling regarding the state of their then two-year relationship.


Fans began to take notice when Jackie deleted photos their photos together from her social media accounts. Additionally, their collaboration on content creation for Jackie's YouTube channel came to a halt.

Eventually, Jackie decided to address the situation publicly. She confirmed that she and Blessing were no longer together and announced that she was a proud single mother of two.


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