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How KOT reacted to news that Mwende had cheated on her husband and conceived 3 days before her hubby chopped her hands off for being barren

Last year, photos of Jackline Mwende a lady who had been decapitated for failing to bear children hit the headlines and Kenyans were outraged by the plight of this young lady from Masii.

Jackline Mwende

And true to the reports, Ngila was the one with the problem as Jackline Mwende conceived 3 days before the attack that made her a countrywide sensation.

Speaking to The Nation, Jackline revealed that the attack by her husband could have been instigated by the fact that she was spotted in Machakos town where she had shacked up with the father-to-be. She chose the lodging because she didn’t want to disrespect her maternal bed even though she lived alone after her husband left their house and deserted her for three months.

Little did she know Stephen had left people to spy on her and they most likely informed him what Jackline had been up to before he came and carried out the horrific attack on her.


 “I wanted a child. I was desperate and it is that yearning ... and probably the devil too ... that made me stray out of my marriage. But I did it to save my marriage.” She said in regards to the straying that cost her both of her hands.

Jackline will be welcoming her child in late February or early March and she has refused to disclose the identity of the said man as they were already done with their transaction.

News of her pregnancy has been met with mixed reactions with some saying that her desire for a child and seeking someone to give her one was human and Stephen Ngila had no right to cut her hands off despite what she did. While others ‘withdrew’ their pity on realizing that she cheated and was not the blameless victim after all.

Here is a sample of the reactions:

Moses Kashlink: Everyone is ignoring the fact that Jackline Mwende cheated on her husband... Kenyans thoh.. Women empowerment has surpassed men's ego now


Ruhiu Solomon‏: This Jackline Mwende story reminds me of how we are quick to crucify men in the name of feminism

Terry Gachie‏@Missgachie: Violence of any nature is no excuse regardless of the differences FULL STOP "Jackline Mwende"

Jael Mboga‏: #JacklineMwende is just an example of how people are thrown into the limelight and get judged for personal choices they made

Mr. White‏@ElvisKerabuAmen: when logic and voice of common sense manifests, then I ain't in a position to condemn "Jackline Mwende" , she had to do it, we are human

Sammy Adawo Anyona‏@sammyanyona: It’s sad what happened to Jackline Mwende. No one should meet such cruelty regardless of what her actions were.


Francis Kiruhi‏@k_faw: The society is quick to judge the men. And women play the victim always even when it's not the case Jackline Mwende

HeWhoIsNotToBeNamed‏@LordChroma: But we can't blame jackline mwende for finding a good prayer partner.

Khala The Love Child‏: Jackline Mwende I haven't walked in her shoes and cannot judge her. But couples ought to solve their problems with dignity, or walk away.

Graceful Oddity‏@ZaibaOfficial: That Jackline Mwende story is really making some men rethink if their kids are really theirs .

nima‏@lifeless_bones: Actually I felt for Jackline Mwende story but after realizing she was cheating on her husband, it's just pity.


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