Harmonize’s Mzungu girlfriend Sarah has fired warnings at Jacquline Wolper who happens to be the ex-lover to the singer.

In a post shared on her Instgam account, Sarah has asked the Bongo Movie actress to stop bothering her fiancée with an answered text messages.

In the screen shoots shared, Sarah is referring to Wolper as a desperate girl who is always in her boyfriend’s inbox.

“Disperate girl .... u dm my baby yesterday  and u speake alone live u life baby ” wrote Harmonize’s fiancée Sarah.

Immediately after the New Year 2017 checked in ,Wolper who was  by then dating Harmonize took to Instagram to call off their relationship.

After calling it a wrap Wolper went ahead to delete all the pictures they ever took together.

“Wambie watu ukweli kuwa umeacha” captioned Wolper on her account but after some time she went ahead to delete her post plus all her pictures. "Am over love" said Wolper.

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After their break-up, Wolper was requested to appear in one of Harmonize’s song “Nambie” an act that was meant to bring back their love, but thing did not fall in place.

Harmonize decided to date an Italian girl while Wolper moved in with official Brown (Model) but their relationship did not last long.

Harmonize is arguably one of the fastest rising artistes on the continent with a number of major hits and collaborations to his name.

Photos of Harmonize's fiancée