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Caroline Mutoko and Jalang'o's TBT Photo in Police Custody will make your Day

Epitome of innocence!

The photo was taken way back when they were both under police custody. This was following a case where the two revealed how they compelled the government to slash down maize prices. The two looked so innocent.

Their discussion led to a heated debate that later got them behind bars.

Jalang’o jotted down his heartfelt appreciation to show love to his former co-host Caroline Mutoko a day after Valentine’s.


The two co-hosted a morning show in Kiss100 down memory lane. Jalang'os post read;

TBT! This day we had been arrested! Shida ilikuwa Unga! Prices of basic commodities had hit an all-time high and we were out there pushing the government to do something! Tulijua hatujui! My boss @caroline.mutoko was my only hope that we will be released but look at her face! Kimeumana Boss I’ll always love You! I learnt radio from the best! @larryasego is at the back!


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