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The flashy 12 Million Kshs car Kathy Kiuna’s drives (Photos)

Kathy Kiuna is enjoying life on the lavish side.

The critics feel that the people of God should adopt a humble lifestyle like Jesus instead of immersing themselves into the ways and material desires of the world.

But Kathy has no apologies for her fancy lifestyle and once said in an interview that “Those who talk only know the ‘after’; they should have seen the ‘before’ to appreciate the work of God. God has raised us up in the church and the church is as good as its flock, if the flock is walking in poverty, so will the church.”


She then went onto reveal that many members of JCC live lavishly. “Many in our congregation are living well; this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are only warming up, we are coming. We were called by God to raise leaders and that is exactly what we are doing — raising people to be the best they can be, and as they grow, so do we. Besides, you can never pay a pastor enough.”  Kathy told True Love Magazine.

It seems that JCC is paying her good money as she was spotted cruising around in this lavish Land Cruiser V8,  a car that costs a cool 12 Million Kshs.

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