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Redykyulass comedian opens up of his mother’s suicide after his birth and brother’s suicide a few years later

John Kiarie experienced double tragedy while he was still a young boy; his mother committed suicide while he was months old and his brother followed suit years later.


KJ became a sensation in late 1990s when Redykyulass was the hottest comedy show in Kenya; the popular comedian has since joined politics.

KJ lost in 2013 general election when he vied for Dagoretti South parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket, he has since switched to Jubilee as he hopes to clinch the same seat in August polls.

Before the fame and money, the Redykyulass comedian had such a difficult life. KJ lost his mother and brother through suicide.

In an interview on ‘Stori Yangu’ on Maisha Magic East, the aspiring Dagoretti South MP revealed his mother took her own life while he was still months old.


“My mother died in mysterious circumstances because she committed suicide just months after she gave birth to me.  This led to my bad health my family thought I was going to die,” KJ said.

KJ with his mum and dad

The comedian goes on to reveal that his elder brother who had introduced him to drawing and acting, also committed suicide while he was in high school – form one.

KJ says that the postmortem revealed that his brother had killed himself by taking 28 tablets of malariaquin.

“One night my big brother told me that he had something to tell me and he started talking about the future like he will not be there. We ended up talking for hours and we woke up the following morning he was not there,” a tearful Kiarie narrated.


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