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Prophet Owuor given new order regarding the late Nkaissery

The renowned man of God has been given a new demand after Nkaissery’s unexpected death.

The all-knowing father of the controversial Ministry of Holiness and Repentance  church was recently in the news after apparently raising a woman from the dead in Cheparten village in West Pokot County.

“I was to be buried last week, but I thank the Mighty Prophet Owuor for interceding for me. His prayers brought me back to life.” The lady identified as Mama Rosa Rotirakori told The Nairobian.

Following this miracle, his devoted followers quickly travelled many kilometers to the land of the Pokot for a thanksgiving ceremony after the resurrection of the lady who is said to have died on 22 June.


As expected many have had their doubts about the said miracle and while many have silently chattered about it or posted on social media discrediting it, very few have been very up-front with their criticism. But now followers of the Kenyan Atheist branch are looking to change all this by calling b.s on the miracle. In fact, they have given a new demand to Prophet Owuor after Nkaissery’s unexpected death. They are telling Prophet Owuor to resurrect the late Nkaissery or gerrarahia!

“We are asking Prophet Owuor to resurrect Nkaissery from the dead or forever shut up about his miracles.” The scathing post read.


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