Popular actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina has come to the defense of Esther Arunga who is possibly facing 25 years in prison for being an accessory to the murder of her firstborn son Sinclair.

Celina believes that it is hypocritical of Kenyans to judge Esther Adongo Arunga as most of us have done dumb things in the name of love.

“Judging Esther Arunga would be the most hypocritical thing to do for most of us who in the past have made some stupid decisions in the name of love,” Celina stated.

Celina’s Post (Instagram)
Celina’s Post (Instagram)

Ciku Muiruri, on the other hand, believes that Esther Arunga is not the poor brainwashed girl many have claimed her to be.

“Arunga has actually never given any one any reason to think she was a victim in this but you always believed she was. Why pray tell? Because she reads the news? Didn’t we see another anchor the other day being charged with allegedly helping cover up a murder? Esther Arunga ALWAYS held all the cards. Do you think she lied to protect Quincy? I don’t buy it. He lied to protect her... Open your eyes when it comes to Esther Arunga. She was ALWAYS the problem. The beautiful, intelligent girl fooled you all,” read her post in part.

Open your eyes when it comes to Esther Arunga -  Ciku (AAP)
Open your eyes when it comes to Esther Arunga - Ciku (AAP)

Death of Sinclair

On June 18, 2014 – Quincy subjected Sinclair to a demon-chasing ritual as his wife watched.

This time, he believed the demons were lodged in the stomach which he punched hard, and when he did not get the expected result, he started knocking the child against the wall. Sinclair did not survive the night.

Esther with their late son Sinclair (Courtesy)
Esther with their late son Sinclair (Courtesy)

The couple’s attempt to cover up the death by claiming he fell down the stairs was futile as the autopsy results went against that explanation.

The autopsy report revealed that Sinclair died “as a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar,” the AAP reported on Monday.

Timberlake was charged with murder while Esther faced the lesser charge of being an accessory to murder. Esther confessed and testified against her husband on Monday and could possibly be facing up to 25 years in prison.