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I’m a terrible cook reveals Julie Gichuru

She hates cooking

“As the only daughter in the family it was obvious and apparently a source of social embarrassment. Indeed, in an African - Asian home this was unheard of, girls should know their place and the kitchen was part of that. But I was adamant, I was disinterested in the art of cooking and had better things to do with my time. I wanted to read, I wanted to learn and grow. I was fascinated by the history of great nations. Modern history too captivated me. I just wanted to read and learn,” she said.

The mother of five added that she could help in doing other things in the kitchen but not cooking.


she said.

In the well written post, Julie explained that she survived on bread, tea and noodles most of the time.

According to Julie, her father wanted to know what she would do when she had her own family, "Well, you will have to cook for your husband! What will you do when you have a family? No man wants a wife who cannot cook."

"Well Dad, I don't want to marry a man who wants me for my cooking. If that's what he expects me to do then he won't be marrying me." She responded.


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