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TV bombshell cause for the arrest of Senator Paul Njoroge over attempted murder

Most of the time she’s chill only giving us friendly advice and entertaining us with adorable photos on instagram but don’t for once be fooled, Julie Gichuru can get rough if provoked just enough.

Julie Gichuru

The incident which was all caught on camera showed an altercation between the two after Igathe attempted to close the station which belonged to the Senator on premise of business malpractice.

The senator on the other hand was not going to let that happen without a fight so he tagged along his goons and his gun as well.

So when the security firm which was charged with the responsibility of closing it down attempted anything, they were faced with the wrath of the youth who were armed.


It got so bad that the CEO himself had to come and talk to the Senator, you know, big person to big person. That did not work as well as the Igathe ended up being shot at, twice. Let’s just say he got lucky and he wasn’t hit.

That is what has angered Julie Gichuru and left her very disgusted.

"Hold on NTV, your angle on this story is gun-toting? This footage shows the bug*er shot at Igathe. Shot AT him. He is lucky he missed and Igathe is lucky to be alive! This Senator should be disarmed and arrested immediately for attempted murder! "She posted.


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