Shocking details of how university student was tortured before boyfriend brutally murdered her

He killed and burnt her body...

Karabo Mokoena

This was a few days after her friend Stephy Leong reported that Karabo’s documents were found in a dustbin after she went missing on April 28 this year.

" Karabo's ID & passport found in dustbin in Sandton. If any1 has any info on her disappearance. Please let me know."Stephy tweeted.

On May 11 Stephy broke the news that the pretty young girl had been murdered “Thank you everyone. Unfortunately, Karabo was murdered and her body burned. The guy has been arrested.”

News that was confirmed by  Karabo's close friend and Nigerian artiste Niyola who gave some chilling details about what the young lady went through including emotional torture and physical abuse before her death.  She then went on to claim that the boyfriend identified as Sandile Mantsoe was not only emotionally abusive but physically abusive and had tried killing the young girl several times in the past.

"I really shouldn't be doing this but the worst has happened and someone's life might be saved. My friend was murdered by her ex and burned beyond recognition. Before then he had battered her black and blue on one occasion and would constantly drain her emotionally. These signs were there, he tried to kill her many times until he succeeded. Now my friend is gone and she'll never be able to grow into the person God destined her to be . If he pushes you, hits you, yells at you ... my dear take to your heels before you get yourself killed. Life is too fickle to be toyed with. Only a fool refuses to learn from other people's lessons."  Niyola wrote.

In addition, the family spokesperson Tshepo Mokoena who is also the uncle of the deceased said that Karabo has pressed charges of assault before she met her untimely death .“What I can confirm is that a case of assault was opened by the deceased."  Tshepo told South Africa’s Eyewitness News (EWN).

He also added that according to CCTV footage acquired by the police, Karabo was seen getting into her murderer's house in Sandtown but never got out again. The killer was also spotted getting into the house with a big bin when he asked what he was doing with it, he said that he was using it to carry laundry.

The killer confessed to the crime and was arraigned in court this morning.

Now, many people have spoken up about the tragic end Karabo met and one of them is Michelle Yola who has also experienced harassment from her ex Prezzo and even filed a restraining order against him.

“This Beautiful South African Socialite was brutally beaten and Burnt like an animal to death by her boyfriend. How can someone claim to Love you but instead they hurt you??! How​ hard is it for us women to recognize or know what Love really is??How is it that we see the signs and still choose to stay!????You don't need to wait till it kills you!!The signs are always there, Run as first as you can from such relationships please my Queens. #R.I.P Queen Mokoena” Michelle wrote.


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