The message Kathy Kiuna received from her mother-in-law before she passed on

It was a beautiful message.

She was laid to rest five days ago and in a post on Instagram, Kathy described her mum-in-law as ‘an amazing woman she was blessed to know’.

Touching message

“Yesterday we laid our mum to rest. She was such an amazing woman that I was blessed to know. We lived with her in our home for 21 years. I hear people say horrible stories about mothers in law and I can’t relate. Mine was too amazing. My children grew up with her and we all loved her dearly. I thank God that He used her to bring forth a Mighty man of God in my husband. Thank you all for coming and standing with us. We celebrate her 74 years on earth. To God be the glory,” read her post praising the late Lillian.

The love was mutual as the mother-in-love had a pre-recorded video specially made for Kathy’s birthday before her death. A video that was given to Kathy on the 1st of August which was on her birthday.

“Happy Birthday my dear daughter. I wish you a good birthday and may God give you more and more. May he lead you to what God created you to do,” The late Lillian said in the video.


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