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Kenyan artistes protest Mafikilozo’s act to headline “Magical Kenya" event

The tourism board has landed in trouble


A section of Kenyan musicians are up in arms with organizers of an upcoming event dubbed Magical Kenyan open golf tournament set to be headlined by South African duo Mafikizolo.

The musicians are calling upon Kenyans to boycott the concert on grounds that the country has enough and able musicians who could have been picked to headline the event meant to promote the country’s culture.

Led by Anto Neosoul, the musicians argued that it was a big shame to see organizers of the event give South African’s the mandate to headline an event meant to promote Kenyan’s culture.


Kenya Tourism Board

“Thank you @magicalkenya and @KenyaOpenGolf for giving us Kenyan Artistes another chance to showcase how brilliant we are on stage! I just performed for 3 hours at #antoLIVE and can’t wait to watch my fellow Kenyans @MafikizoloSA sindio @danaceda ?. BOYCOTT THIS SHIT! FUCK ABSA! tired of being taken for a ride by these Kenyan corporates who hates themselves more than they’ll ever KNOW!” wrote Anto Neosoul.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), under the magical kenya open golf tournament going down this weekend, have scheduled Mafikizolo as the main performers with Kenyan musicians reduced to curtain raisers. 

Benga maestro Dan Aceda


Benga maestro Dan Aceda also joined the conversation saying “Thank you @magicalkenya and @KenyaOpenGolf for always putting Kenya culture front and center. Congratulations to Kenyan musicians @MafikizoloSA. Looking forward to a Brilliant performance”.

Another user said “For 5 months now we courted every cultural government department to get a small team of us to SXSW and had doors closed, reason we were told is "no funds"..Then I see this. These guys don't actually care about their country. KE breaks my heart every day”

Singer Wangechi wrote “Being a Kenyan musician is still an extreme sport...”

The Magunga “Kenyan musicians are not magical enough for @magicalkenya


Emmy Muthoni “But that Mafikizolo headlining a “Magical Kenya” showcasing event has to be the biggest irony of the day. Not week. Not month. This is Kenya. So yes, the day”

Baba Ray “A big shame on to you @magicalkenya and @KenyaOpenGolf for overlooking kenyan artists in this lineup, time has come for kenyans to take other actions against such events and their promoters”.


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