Kenyan producer Magix Enga goes after Harmonize, threatens to pull down his new song

Who is the rightful owner here?

Kenyan producer Magix Enga goes after Harmonize, threatens to pull down his new song

Kenyan Music Producer Magix Enga has given singer Harmonize a 7 day ultimatum, to pull down his new song Uno on grounds that he stole the song from him.

Enga stated that he is ready to petition to the YouTube management and have the song pulled down, if the former WCB signee will not act accordingly.

In his statement, the music producer accused Harmonize of copying the hook and beats used in his song with King Kaka titled Dundaing.

hook- is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to "catch the ear of the listener".

7 day ultimatum 

 “Like nothing happened @harmonize_tz Gat some free beats for you bro .. I’m giving you 1 week take down the song otherwise.. Natoa mwenye let me put it in Swahili so that you can understand what I’m trying to say.. It took me a day to come up with the Vibe G you get #BeatKing254 🇰🇪 This sh* has happened before but this time things will be different .. I’m not going to allow that to happen not in 254,” shared Magix Enga.

In a separate post Magix Enga said "Harmonize nakuona sana bro. Dundaing Refix King Kaka, Kristoffmwb. 4million views on YouTube."

However, a section of fans disputed his claims, saying he is the actual thief in this whole saga as he stole the beats from Nigerian hip-hop artist Olamide.

kid_idrisNa wewe uliitoa kwa Olamide-Motigbana na hakuna mwenye alicritisize calm down bruv everyone is trying has his fucking share of this cake.....”

bvaccurateBro we ulichukua hii sample from olamide so relax maze”

stunphotography “Nothing similar hapo..wivu tu juu audio imegonga 1.5M less than two weeks.Plus,A list producers/artists sample other's music-hii yako ya ligi small sasa?relax and bring something new..Ndundaing ilichapa”

afdope_official “Hii ni ile story ya pwagu na calm down bro”

itsdjlazz “Says someone who has sampled every beat”


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