10 pictures that won't make sense if you didn't go to a Kenyan Secondary School

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Life in Kenyan Secondary schools had  the best and worst of times and here is a list of the most memorable times. Times that won't make sense if you didn't go to a Kenyan Secondary School.

To start us off is...

1. Back to school Jam Sessions

Jam sessions were daytime discos held during the last Sunday before people went back to school at F2 Club, Nyanza House or even Spikes Club.

2 .Funkie food starter pack- Boiled egg, bread, juice or soda

3 words, So much GAS! These foods were the perfect recipe for an a** like a machine gun. You will be tooting like a rusty tractor and the farts will be lethal enough to take down a few armies.

3. The relation between stamps and toothpaste

Buying Stamps? Naah! Not when you had toothpaste to rub off the postage stamps and they were 'new' once again. For some rubbing the ink off stamps was a job on its own where they would sell the 'rubbed' stamps at a discount.

4. Success Cards

A must for every candidate,if you were broke the ones above were only 5 shillings.

5. Toughees

They were the Christian Louboutins of high school, okay maybe I have exaggerated that a little bit. But these shoes were the real MVPs of high-school shoes, they were long-lasting which made the parents happy and stylish enough to make a fashion statement which was a win-win for everybody.


This strong disinfectant was used to kill maggots and probably disable our nostrils because a few minutes in the loo and your eyes stung and watered and your sweater would reek for days!

7. Insyder Magazine

A must for every cool kid and if you got a 'Big Up' in the mag you were the talk of the school for a whole month.

8.Paraffin in food especially Githeri

The taste of paraffin in food was quite common in many high schools as it was aimed at 'taming' the wild teenage libido.

9.This dance move

For some this is Prince William doing Yoga, for Kenyans this is a killer dance move that will steal the show during National Drama Festivals. Ilikuwa inaitwa nini btw?

10. These boxes

A must for every form one, used for storing food clothes and detergent. They had to have all your 3 names scribbled across it in some grey colored paint to protect it from thieves.


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