Kenyans unmask Esther Arunga’s impostor causing confusion with forgiveness message

Don't be fooled by the forgiveness message

Esther Arunga leaving Court in Australia (File Image)

A Twitter user impersonating former TV girl Esther Arunga caused confusion among Kenyans after sending out a passionate forgiveness message, with pretense that it was Arunga.

On Thursday, a Twitter account operating under the name @EstherArunga_ fooled a section of KOT, with a confession that it was Ms Arunga, asking for forgiveness from Kenyans before she jets back home.

The message in question reads “Kenyans, forgive me. My parole is over & it's time to come back home. I have suffered enough. No one should ever be ashamed of starting afresh. To everyone who wronged me, i forgive you all. Kindly accept me back”.

However, “Twitter DCI” was quick to unmask the impostor who was recently operating under Jalang’o's names on Twitter.

Trending at number one “Esther Arunga” , KOT shared screenshots from the twitter account impersonating Arunga, cautioning their fellow tweeps not to fall for the trap.

A cross check done by Pulse Live also indicates that the account has been posting haphazard content that shows all the signs of a pseudo account riding on the names of celebrities.

In July 2019, the Former KTN news anchor was sentenced to 10 months in in prison in the murder of her son Sinclair Timberlake by Justice Martin Burns but immediately released on parole.

The 38-year-old was convicted of being an accessory after the fact to the manslaughter of Sinclair, who suffered fatal injuries.

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