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You can’t sing - Kenyans tell Vera after releasing new song

Please, you can’t sing, wrote a fan.

Sidika (Instagram)

Kenyans made their feelings known after Vera Sidika released her new song ‘Mimi’ where she urges people to accept people for who they are whether dark-skinned or light-skinned.

However, Kenyans slammed her song by telling her she cannot sing and not even the heavy-auto tune could save the song.

“I LOVE YOU so I want to be the one to tell you that YOU CANNOT SING Queen,” wrote joey_larsa.


“Aki hapana. Unakaa those black Barbie dolls nliona Carrefour juzi. This colour is too unnatural ata heri ile unnatural ingine ulibuy 50million,” commented joan_wonder.

“Took a lot of courage but nahhhh fam,” shally_rommie_ stated.

“So much publicity stunts and who gon tell her she can’t sing too?,” thekhaleesi_official wrote with m.u.i.r.u.r_i adding “That song is a big No.”

Exploiting dark-skinned women

Following the release of the ‘Mimi’ video, a section of fans have accused her of exploiting dark-skinned women for her own selfish gains whilst she has not even cast one dark-skinned beauty in her video.


“Exploiting dark skin women for your own selfish gain, there isn’t even any dark skin women in your music so what’s the point. Please, you can’t sing,” ciara.mae.

“I guess it’s doing anything for clout😂😂😂 you could have used this chance to uplift dark skinned girls although I get the message that we are not to be judged by the colour of our skin come on you didn’t have to tan yourself dark the message would have gone across without exploiting dark skin anyway nice song,” added tie.maney.

If you haven’t watched the video, watch it below and decide for yourself if it’s a bop or a not.


Otile didn’t want me to sing

Following the release of her first song, ‘Nalia’ the socialite revealed that her ex Otile Brown who is a singer didn’t want her to sing

Speaking during an interview with a radio station, Ms Sidika narrated how Otile Brown’s producer said she could sing and encouraged her to try.

However, when she brought up the issue with Otile, he would tell her that she was trying too hard and that she should stick to what she has been doing.

“When my ex was recording I used to take him to the studio and he would be in the booth and when he sings because I had heard the song a couple of times I would sing and the producer would be like wow you can sing, you should try music. My ex was like I don’t think you should sing because you look like you are trying too hard and stuff, maybe you should just do what you do. But after I said why not give it a try,” said Vera Sidika in an interview with Kiss 100.


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